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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the decision-making body of the Association. It is composed of directors who are elected by the General Meeting of Members.

General Affairs Committee

The General Affairs Committee is in charge of the general and financial affairs of the Association. It also has jurisdiction over any business that is not covered by other sections of the Association.

The committee discusses comprehensive and important matters related to the management and organization of the Association. Another important role of the committee is the creation of a business report and settlement of accounts for each financial year and preparation of a business plan and budget for the next fiscal year.

Membership Drive Committee

The Membership Drive Committee is charged with recruitment activities aimed at increasing the membership base in order to strengthen the Association and enhance its activities.

Survey and Research Committee

The Survey and Research Committee is charged with conducting surveys in the field of BtoB advertising, as well as with general research activities.

The Survey of Advertising Activities of BtoB Advertisers has been conducted regularly since 1972 with the aim of assessing the current state and changes in BtoB advertising (industrial advertising) activities in a time series format. The survey name was changed to the current title in 2005, and the 12th survey was conducted in 2011.

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee plans and administers the Japan BtoB Advertising Awards and BtoB Techno Copy Award, which are major award projects of the Association. The committee also manages a correspondence course in technical illustration and three-dimensional drawing. The Japan BtoB Advertising Awards feature 12 categories and are the only general contest dedicated to BtoB advertising in Japan. Winning entries receive the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. The BtoB Techno Copy Award is aimed at fostering young copywriting talent in the BtoB advertising field. The contest is held with the cooperation of companies providing the competition topics.

Seminar Committee

The Seminar Committee identifies themes with a high level of interest and organizes events that serve as training opportunities for members with the aim of fostering human resource development, vitalizing the industry, and promoting communication among members. In the area of correspondence courses, the committee hosts the Technical Illustration Correspondence Course and the Patent Drafting Engineer Training Seminar. The IA Forum subcommittee is also supervised by the Seminar Committee.

PR/Editing Committee

The PR/Editing Committee is in charge of planning, editing, and publishing the Business to Business Communications magazine of the Association.

The committee also collects materials related to BtoB advertising and makes them available for exhibition and viewing. Other responsibilities include external PR activities of the Association, as well as management and operation of the Association's website.

BMC Committee

The BMC Committee manages the BtoB Communications College (formerly the Industrial Advertising College and BtoB Advertising College) and the Business Marketing Communication Master qualification exam (formerly the Industrial Advertising Management Qualification and BtoB Advertising Management Qualification). The purpose of the BtoB Communications College is human resource development in the BtoB advertising field. It has been operating since 1992, with the cooperation of academic experts, advertising researchers, experienced advertising professionals, and others. The Business Marketing Communication Master qualification exam was established in 2001 as the only qualification for certified specialists with comprehensive knowledge in the BtoB advertising field. Successful candidates are awarded a certificate of qualification.

BtoB Advertising Consultation Office

The BtoB Advertising Consultation Office is accessible both to members and nonmembers. It provides extensive advice on the entire range of BtoB advertising activities, including preparation and design of catalogs, ad creation, assessment of advertising results, and customer satisfaction. Advice is provided by expert consultants from within and outside the Association.

Global Committee

The overseas sales ratio of BtoB companies is high, and globalization is progressing rapidly. The Global Committee was established in June 5, 2014, in order to study the general BtoB market situation as well as actual examples overseas. Projects currently being pursued include the launching of an English version of the Association's web site to disseminate information, as well as cooperation and exchange with overseas industry organizations and academic societies.

Kansai Division

The Kansai Division aims to enhance communication and membership benefits for members in the Kansai area. The division's Board of Directors supervises the Planning Subcommittee and Membership Subcommittee responsible for measures to promote an increase in the number of member companies.

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