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Welcome Message

Hisashi Hieda
Japan BtoB Advertising Association (General Incorporated Association)

Hello and welcome to our site! My name is Hisashi Hieda, and I was recently appointed chairman of the Japan BtoB Advertising Association.

This Association was founded in 1969 as the only such organization in the industrial advertising field in Japan. For an industry to flourish, it is essential that businesses communicate actively with one another, and industrial advertising has an important role to play in this regard. The Association was formed because of the realization that promoting this type of advertising is a task of high relevance to society.

In the years since its founding, the Association has pursued its aims through a wide range of activities, working to raise quality standards and the level of technical production, accumulating relevant know-how, training human resources, and more. In view of these initiatives and in recognition of the zeal of its members, the Association was granted the status of an Incorporated Association by the Minister of International Trade and Industry in March 1991. In keeping with the reform of the public interest corporation system, the appellation of the Association was changed to the current General Incorporated Association on April 1, 2012.

Along with the rapid progress of information technology, the world of BtoB communications has changed drastically in recent years. The evolution of the Internet and other digital media is making BtoB communications much more complex and multifaceted. The Japan BtoB Advertising Association, together with its members, is exploring the future shape of BtoB communications, and we are engaged in establishing new norms and frameworks through which we aim to meet the expectations not only of our members but of various other parties as well.

The Japan BtoB Advertising Association is aware that progress is only possible when advertisers, advertising companies, production companies, and media companies are brought together in a joint effort. We are sincerely grateful for the valuable support and far-reaching cooperation accorded to us in these endeavors by the members of the Association.

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