BtoB Advertising Seminars

The Association offers regular practice-oriented seminars covering the basics and actual practices for the principal BtoB advertising media, including newspapers, magazines, and catalog production, as well as for the Internet and multimedia channels, which have grown in importance in recent years. In addition, BtoB communication seminars focusing on particular topics are also held at suitable times.

Business Marketing Communication Master Qualification Exam

The Business Marketing Communication Master used to be called the BtoB Advertising Management Qualification. In the past, the Japan BtoB Advertising Association administered the BtoB Advertising Management Qualification exam (formerly the Industrial Advertising Management Qualification) seven times. From the eighth time, it became known as the Business Marketing Communication Master (or BMC Master).

>>Business Marketing Communication Master Qualification Exam

BtoB Communications College

  • The Tokyo school starts a course each year in June, and the Osaka school operates in alternate years. An entire course consists of 25 lectures, but it is also possible to enroll for single lectures only.
  • The lectures are linked to the Business Marketing Communication Master qualification exam.

>>BtoB Communications College

Surveys and Research Related to BtoB Advertising

Report on 12th Survey of Advertising Activities of BtoB Advertisers (survey period October 15–November 15, 2011)
Distribution price 10,800 JPY / Retail price 11,880 JPY (on CD-ROM) (All prices are inclusive of tax.)

IA Forum

The IA Forum is held with the aim of promoting information exchange and communication among members and comprises free discussions and study meetings. It is held occasionally on topics of interest, and nonmembers are welcome to attend.

Correspondence Course

The Association offers the Technical Illustration Course.

>>Correspondence Course

Japan BtoB Advertising Awards

The Japan BtoB Advertising Awards are the only contest dedicated to BtoB advertising in Japan. With the addition of newspaper ads and magazine ads in 2011, entries are now judged in 12 categories. The commissioning advertiser and the production company of the winning entry receive the Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Award and 200,000 JPY in prize money.

Publication of Business to Business Communications Magazine

The Association's monthly Business to Business Communications magazine is highly regarded as the only trade publication in Japan dedicated to BtoB advertising.

>>Publication of Business to Business Communications Magazine

BtoB Advertising Consultation Office

The BtoB Advertising Consultation Office offers pertinent advice to members and nonmembers alike. A wide range of topics, including catalog production, advertisement planning, and production, are addressed by experts and practitioners working for member companies. A consultation office for member companies has also been established in the Kansai Division.

>>BtoB Advertising Consultation Office

BtoB Techno Copy Award

This contest covers a wide range of technical ad copywriting and is open to both professional and nonprofessional writers.

Social Events for Member Companies

Various events are held to promote active communication and networking, including social gatherings, round-table talks, and golf contests.

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