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Survey of Advertising Activities of BtoB Advertisers Report

What Is the Survey of Advertising Activities of BtoB Advertisers?

This is a survey on the state of BtoB advertising conducted by the Japan BtoB Advertising Association.
In the survey, a questionnaire covering action planning and actual activity with regard to BtoB advertising is sent to several thousand companies selected from among large corporate advertisers (nonmembers) and member companies of the Association. Result data are then quantified. Since a fact-finding survey of this scale into BtoB advertising is otherwise unheard-of in Japan, the survey attracts considerable attention from various circles. We believe that it can provide many insights and suggestions that will be useful when devising advertising strategies and initiatives for the future.

As the market economy is undergoing drastic changes, professionals in charge of advertising are no doubt concerned about such issues as:

  • How do recent changes in the world economy affect marketing activities by companies in the BtoB domain?
  • What kind of shifts in advertising activities have happened due to the trend toward cross-media strategies in the advertising world?
  • How will such trends affect marketing activities in the future?


Putting the Survey Report to Good Use – A Few Examples

Obtain marketing data

Data for analyzing marketing trends of other companies is highly useful when devising an advertising plan for your own company.

Use as material for setting an advertising budget

When compiling a budget for marketing, it is advantageous to consider what aspects are important to BtoB companies.

Use as reference for selecting advertising media

Knowing how much weight is being given to different marketing channels, such as the Internet, printed catalogs, trade shows, electronic catalogs, and newspaper ads, will help in devising marketing campaigns.

Use as material when considering new product launches

When introducing new products or entering new markets, media selection and budget allocation are made easier by having access to reference data.

Feedback data for advertising company

Insights into business sentiment and media usage trends in the advertising market can serve as feedback data for confirming the intent of campaign planning and proposals for clients.

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