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Creative BtoSforS Communications in an Age of Sustainability

Communication Themes

In the social activities of BtoB companies, it can be surmised that many of the activities that are recognized as having significance, gain approval both inside and outside the company, and are continued are closely related to the company’s main business―for example, activities related to the company’s mission, activities related to product disposal and use, or contributions to the local community where the company operates. The reason is that when a company’s social activities are separated from its products and operations, it becomes difficult to make the most of management resources and to gain the understanding of stakeholders other than those who directly benefit. Although it is not a necessary condition, BtoSforS communications, which feature the company’s sociability, are often limited to activities connected in some way with its business operations.

Kotler and Lee define corporate social responsibility as “a commitment to improve community well-being through discretionary business operations and contributions of corporate resources.” They offer the following six practices as aids for strategic decision making in selecting social issues where the company can expect to have the greatest impact both on itself and the cause in question.

  • Choose only a few social issues to support.
  • Choose issues that are of concern in the communities where you do business.
  • Choose issues that have synergy with mission, values, products, and services.
  • Choose issues that have potential to support business goals: marketing, supplier relations, increased productivity, cost reductions.
  • Choose issues that are of concern to key constituent groups: employees, target markets, customers, and corporate leaders.
  • Choose issues that can be supported over a long term.

To summarize, it can be said that social activities are not contrary to business operations but have a high degree of compatibility with the creative themes of BtoSforS communications, because over the long term they bring together the interests of differing stakeholders.

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