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Creative BtoSforS Communications in an Age of Sustainability

Points to Note in Creative Work

Next I would like to touch briefly on some points to note in creative work tailored to stakeholder attributes. Corporate value is determined by stakeholders, and communication activities are no exception. It is clear, though, that even with the same advertising expression, differences in level of reception arise among different stakeholders. As an example, let me consider differences in appraisal based on whether or not the company has name recognition.

In the case of a corporate advertisement introducing a company’s social contribution activities, although people who recognize that company may receive it well, people who are unfamiliar with the company or have little recognition of it may interpret the information abstractly and come away without understanding what company is advertising, because they have not been directly exposed to its products or operations. As a first step, therefore, advertising that promotes understanding of the company’s business will place less stress on those lacking recognition of it. Otherwise, when they come into contact with information about that company’s social contribution activities, they will not digest it and will not respond as desired. The following measures are necessary, though, because if you forcefully drop needless products or business operations into an advertising expression, you run the risk of destroying the balance with the original central message.

(1)   Cover the introduction of products and businesses in separate communication activities.
(2)   In the area of social activities, as noted earlier, clarify their connections with business operations and evoke associated business images.

Conversely, people who do recognize the company tend to see an advertisement outlining the nature of the company’s business as already-known information and do not regard it very highly. This can be said to be a creative difficulty for BtoB companies, which have lower name recognition compared with BtoC companies.

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