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Business Marketing Communication Master Qualification Exam


The examination framework for obtaining the qualification of Business Marketing Communication (BMC) Master was established by the BtoB Japan Advertising Association in 2001 and is the only such qualification in the BtoB advertising field in Japan. It is aimed at defining a level of competency that fulfills up-to-date requirements, fostering the training of human resources skilled in BtoB advertising related operations, and contributing to the improvement of knowledge, competency, and technology in the field. Exams have been held 14 times so far, turning out a total of 276 qualified professionals.

Holders of the BMC Master qualification are active in various fields in the industry, contributing to a general improvement in standards. The qualification also results in preferential treatment by some employers. The Business Marketing Communication Master is expected to further evolve into an even more important qualification in the future.

Why not take up the challenge and try for the qualification test yourself? The 15th Business Marketing Communication Master qualification exam is scheduled to be held on March 8 (Sunday), 2015.

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